About Us

About Us

Established in 1993.

The Iron Man Ironing Service is an Australian owned family business. It started when a mother of six noticed that every time any of her children asked for her help, ironing used to always be on the list. It’s been a common request whenever she’s been asked to assist her busy children. So she shared the idea with her son George and his wife Caroline, a young team of doctors who both worked full time.

George and Caroline loved the idea of ironing people’s clothes for a business and realised that by adding pick up and delivery to their service, it would save busy people a lot of time and allow them to get their ironing done in an effortless way.

A continuous and time-consuming task has now become a

reliable service available to busy parents and individuals across Sydney through the Iron Man Ironing Service.

People loved the idea and praised it. The demand was higher than expected. We have now grown from servicing a handful of customers into a huge business helping more than 6000 customers and growing.

A dedicated team of drivers, ironers and office staff work full time, 5 days/week to ensure our service continues to help more people that need it. We also work for the future, so we constantly update our business with technology, software and always involve new, qualified and motivated people in our operations so we constantly improve.

It’s been a thrilling journey since we started and we look forward to many more years of doing business with our valued customers.